Wakey Wakey …

You know that thing that messes with your psyche when you are at your most peaceful?  That thing that jerks you away from the only time in your life in which your body can actually recharge/heal itself and continue living?  It’s the most diabolical device that humans have ever created (Please don’t comment on the fact that there are clearly more evil human inventions like atomic bombs, etc).  The one (of many) thing(s) that humans cannot live without and this ticking bomb bides it’s time, for hours, until you are at your most vulnerable.  And WHAM !!! Listen To Me !!! Stop What You Are Doing And Acknowledge My Presence !!!

What a terrible device the alarm clock is.  I have two of the most harrowing stories in regards to this doomsday device that you, possibly thankfully, will not be able to sleep.

[Insert Law & Order Dun-Dun Sound Here]

[Interior; Bedroom]

Our protagonist lays on a bed, on his/her side as they gently open their eyes to stare in the cold dead glow of a red 7-segment display of the current time.  The time is one minute, possibly only a few seconds, before this death machine whines it’s terrible battle-cry.  The protagonist feels relaxed and refreshed, almost like they actual got a full night sleep with multiple cycles of REM sleep completed.  Then the display changes.  Loud, ear-splitting noise fills the once quiet room.  Satan himself laughs as the once serene person instantly forms a headache in their now throbbing cranium.  Dizziness and confusion befall our hero as they extend a pitiful, weak arm towards the insidious device.  He/She manages to squelch the instrument of pain but the aftereffects remain … for hours later as they try to manage their day.

Yes, that’s right.  This “helpful” tool actually caused the the symptoms of sleeplessness even a normal, rested human.  It’s mere programmed voice caused the feelings of anxiety.  How do I wish this thing could not be necessary.

[Insert Law & Order Dun-Dun Sound Here]

[Interior; Another Bedroom]

The door slams open as our hero stumbles in from a night of work.  He/She fiddles with the scream-machine in order to set it to a preordained moment and immediately passes out due to exhaustion.  Time passes.  3 minutes later, the Angel of Turmoil bangs his gong of audio warfare in this pitiful specimen of a human’s ear.  Why Angel of Turmoil ?!?!  Why hast thou inflict wounds on such a creature that does not deserve such indignation.

Terrible invention, the time piece.  Only two events are prominent on this lump of rock we call home, sunrise and sunset.

End of Line


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