When It Rains …


… you get water in your eye.  Happens every time.  I slipped back into that state of not-giving-a-rats-patoot for this “daily” thing that I promised I’d do.  But there are reasons.  We had a holiday (*note for later about holidays) and I got sick.  Wrenching vomit from my empty stomach causing muscle pain in the rib area.  Not fun when moving around today.

See that above?  That’s what I wrote …. months ago.  I really don’t care about this daily thing.  I don’t even remember what the “*note” was for.  I don’t remember getting sick either.  Clearly not a real important time.  Maybe that’s what this blog is for: reminder of those not-so-important-but-funny-to-look-back-on moments.  Well here is some not-so-funny things.

I have a plugged up ear.  I was on a plane flight and my left ear got all stuffed up and I couldn’t free it up.  It’s been over a week now and it’s still plugged.  Went to the doctor and got nose sprays and antibiotics.  But that’s not the interesting part (Spoiler.  There is no interesting part).  This is about the feeling of having that ear plugged up.

I really wonder if this is how deaf people feel.  Especially those that have lost their hearing as opposed to never had it to begin with.  At first, it’s not that annoying.  It just feels like you have water or something in your ear that you can’t shake out.  Days of that “Man I wish this would just open up already” feeling.  (Quick note, My ear is starting to hurt now … of course).

Next there was the deafening (pun intended) sound of silence in that ear.  You know.  When the room you’re in is completely silent and there’s that moderately pitched hum sound.  Kind of what you get from an idle stereo speaker that’s powered and cranked up, but no sound is coming out.  Or maybe a low hum of a florescent light.  I can see you laughing thru the screen that your read this on.  How can be in a completely silent room.  Ha !!! And you are right.  I actually caught myself when that happened and said (not out loud of course) “OMG, silence !!! This is it.  What do I do?”  Good for a novelty moment, but the annoyance of the plugged ear was building.

The final step that made me see a doctor was that my entire left side of my face seemed … puffy and warmer than it should be.  It wasn’t.  Confirmed with doctor.  It’s mental.  I was driving with the window open and getting a good breeze, but it was similar to wind hitting a brick wall and not penetrating like a soothing wind gust should on a warm spring day.  Then I started to get a claustrophobic feeling.  My left side of my face was closed off from the rest of the world and was only clinging on to reality thru the center and right side of my head.  That’s what I afraid of.  That “unable to free myself” feeling similar to claustrophobia.

Well … now I’m gonna free myself … with prescription medications prescribed by a medical professional.  Hopefully it works quick.  Doctor didn’t seem concerned.  Neither am I, really.  The feeling of being trapped in my left side of my face was quick and fleeting.  It’s just mostly annoying.

Foreshadowing Note: I’m gonna go on not-so-long limb here and say that as I get older, the more I complain about medical situations.  That’s what old people do, right?  Well let’s squash that in the kneecap right now and promise that the next article will be more complaining about other people, or maybe something fun.  I need to look back at the footnotes from the previous articles for ideas.


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