The Squeaky Wheel …


So I got a glimpse, sort of, of what other people are like in their families.  We were gearing up for setting up classes for my son, who’s going into high school.  The was a parent’s meeting and not a lot of people showed.  Maybe about 20% of the students were represented.  I went because I had no clue how things worked, not only in the state I currently live in, but the school itself.  I grew up in the city, going to catholic school almost my entire academic career.  Most things were laid directly in front of me and very little “choice” was begotten.  This is stark contrast to now, in a different state, in the sticks, in a public school.  The school counselor, who made the presentation, really made things seem like, “OK, you all know how this goes.  Here are the changes.  These are required classes.  You can go to the tech center in your junior and senior year.  You need two job shadowing efforts.”  Whoa whoa whoa !!!  What is the tech center?  You need to job shadow someone?  My son doesn’t know anything right now.  A lot can change in 2-3 years.  My son is that kid at the state school that when asked what his major is, he says, “Undeclared.”  I didn’t even know a tech center was a thing, let alone the programs they offer.  How could I possibly know if any of the programs are appropriate?  It now becomes clear to me what the meeting was for.


So they had a sheet to fill out.  Granted it’s a dynamic document for you to fill out the classes your student will be taking for the next 4 years of high school.  The next 4 years !!  I don’t know how the weekend or tomorrow are gonna pan out, let alone 4 years for my son.  They said to start at senior year and work backwards.  This made no sense to me, especially since the target in 4 years was completely unknown.  Don’t know which college, if college at all.  Or even what field.  Well, this sheet, a number of kids/parents had completely filled out with numerous different options.  Like I mentioned before, it now dawns on me that this meeting was to help prepare those that already are hyper-prepared.  That other 80% of kids parents not there, are the “We don’t know what the f!ck is gonna happen” people.  We got at least what his freshman year is gonna be like.  Filled with required classes to graduate.  Sophomore year is basically like that too.  So hopefully in 2 years, we’ll be more focus on …. well … something.

It’s also important to note that this 1 hour meeting took 1 hour and 45 minutes.  And that I went by myself without my spouse or my son as they had previous activities.  We don’t have the time to think about this stuff.  I got home with my youngest already in bed, asleep at 8:30.  I had cereal for dinner.  Spent about 20-30 minutes with my son and spouse after they got home to try and think of something on this sheet.  And then I went to bed.  No time for anything, including that outside work that I needed to do in the rain that I mentioned in the last post.  Fun to note that it wasn’t raining at the time.


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