Always Comes Down to …


Nothing new from yesterday other than the sugar fiasco.  Even then it’s not really cleaned up all the way.  How do you clean up sugar granules that have run all over the place?  That puts me on to another topic: “Spare” time.

I know what’s really required to clean up the sugar mess, it’s remove every single thing that could have potentially gotten sugar on it and “clean it” and then clean that surface the item was sitting on.  That is a multi-hour job.  At least 3 for where the dump happened.  Multiple shelves.  Multiple packaged food items.  Removing and “cleaning” each would take so long, I literally couldn’t do anything else.  My schedule doesn’t allow for such things.  I can hear you already … “Hey !!! Do it now instead of writing in your stupid blog, you piece of garbage liar !!”  Well in your face !!! I can’t.  I’m miles (kilometers) away from the sugar tragedy and I can’t be there.  When I’m in that vicinity, my time is taken and higher priority items take precedent.  The only thing I could sacrifice is sleep and why would I do that.  It’s the only thing that keeps me from succumbing to illness or driving off the edge of a cliff during the work commute or sleeping at work and getting fired and not having money to buy sugar or pay for a house to store the sugar in.  So in YOUR face !!  It’ll get done eventually.  Just not right away.


Side note:  Do you ever notice, that when you need to do something, there always comes a barrier to you completing that task?  The sugar cleanup is one example.  I also gotta do some work outside, and the day that I planned to do it (today), it rains.  It hasn’t rained in I don’t know how long.  Such is life, right?  The wet, sugar, illness, sleep-deprived train keeps rolling on and on.  No stopping.  Always blowing it’s deafening whistle.  That whistle that pierces the ear drum and makes you open your jaw to dull the pain.  You know that pain.


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