Failure – Multi-level

Well … day 2 and I already failed to keep up the “daily” post.  It was the weekend, so it really shouldn’t count too much.

Over the weekend, not only did I feel like garbage, but I had to drive for a total of 5 hours in one day.  It was a struggle.  We went to a charity event and of course, while we were there, my daughter’s jacket got left behind.  Which boggles my mind as her jacket was in my possession until, from what I can guess, I walked outside and then it “blew away”.  I did call the place today and found out they have it and they are sending it to me which is nice, but the fact remains that I’m not good at keeping track of stuff especially if it’s not mine.  I get super upset at myself because of it and I lash out at others.  Sucks.

The next level of failure happened this morning.  Through only my own fault, I left a glass canister of sugar and flour out.  Well, I went to put them back where they belong, as I was pissed at myself for leaving it out, and the sugar one broke.  Sugar and glass all over the place.  Mind you this is at 6:00am on a weekday as I’m trying to get kids up and around.  I leave no extra time in the morning schedule for such issues.  Yet, I tried to clean up all the glass and sugar.  Sugar poured into open boxes of food.  On top of bags of potatoes.  All over.  I had to throw a lot of good food away as I’m no sure if there was glass in it.  What a delight.  My two favorite things: large messes and wasting money.  Man was I pissed at everything.  It’s been hours later and I’m still pissed.  And I still feel like sh!t.

Speaking of that, it’s been days that I’ve felt like garbage.  How do I get rid of this?  I wiped my workstation down with a bleach wipe to get rid of anything, but my head still feels loose and wobbly.  Doesn’t help that I didn’t eat a breakfast at all today due to the sugar-fiasco.  And only having coffee is complicating the matter.  I think I said this before that all drugs, caffeine and alcohol, give me such headaches.  I don’t know why I do this to myself.  Hopefully tonight/tomorrow will be better.  I doubt it.


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