Don’t know what you got, till it’s gone

As part of my daily entry series, I forgot one crucial fact: I injured myself.

Now here’s why I forgot.  The injury only presents itself when you need that body part to perform the most.  The injury in question is a strain in my middle and ring finger on my non-dominant hand.  I can already hear you saying, “What ?!?! This is a silly, trivial injury that would have no bearing on your day-to-day life.”  And that is why it’s completely forgettable.  Let me tell you, other than a paper cut on your thumb, this is the worst injury of the “trivial injuries” you could possibly get.  Let me explain.


You don’t realize how much you use that off-hand for every day things.  Pulling open a door.  Grabbing anything.  Each time I go to grab anything, I have a shocking revelation as shooting pain slightly annoys my hand to the point that surprise almost makes me drop the item.  And sometimes, that item cannot be dropped.  Like a human.  Or a mug.  Or a fist-clenched in anger.  The pain felt fades almost immediately.  And just as quickly, the pain is forgotten, until the next catastrophic grasp attempt.  Even now, as I type, no pain.  No annoyance.  But then as I look at my purple drink sitting next to the keyboard, I feel the dread.  The looming, dull agony that I will feel lurks among my tendons and tissue.  Waiting … in almost a taunting-like manner for my moment of weakness.  Ready to rear it’s subtle irritation when I least expect.  Who knows when this will heal?  Will anyone notice when it’s gone?  But what I do notice … the rabid anger felt after each incident.  That, I hope I do miss.


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