An Experiment

We’re gonna try something here.  I’m going to try, as best as I can in the limited amount of time I have, to write a daily blog entry about what happened to me the previous day (or at least since the previous entry).  I make no promises as to the entertainment value of these posts.  In fact, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that not only will they be devoid of entertainment, but their only worth will be in the area of sleeping aid.  So, with that expectation out in the forefront, let’s proceed.

And here we go

Day 1 – So It Begins …

Well … it’s not really day 1.  I’ve had a “blog”, if you want to call it that, for a couple of years.  But you know what I mean.  And I’m all ready digressing from the purpose in order to fill content.  Sad !

Yesterday was normal.  I got up way too early in the morning.  And by “way too early”, I don’t mean that I could have slept longer or that I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. 1 I used an annoying alarm clock like every other poor sap of a human being.

Side note: I just got the idea to mark portions of these pitiful dailys as a possible future topic of conversation outside the scope of daily blog entries.  But how to mark them?  Bold?  Underline?  Maybe a little asterisk?  Ah … a number with footnotes at the bottom.

Getting the kids out the door to school is a chore in itself.  You know those movies or TV shows that present a family at the breakfast table before work/school having a quiet meal during the daylight?  That doesn’t happen.  I assume it doesn’t happen anywhere except to rich people, who have no schedules, and live in Southern California.  Mornings are filled with screaming to “get out of bed before you make yourself or other people late” and hurried food shoveling, all framed in the warm glow of light bulbs because it’s pitch black outside.  Like I said, I may be too far north to get the morning sun.  Usually that sun appears during the morning commute.

Ah … the commute.  Some say the largest stressor in the daily life of the normal, 1st-world human being.  2 It would be nice to live close to work, but I use that time to listen to books, podcasts, or even play video on my phone … but just listening (don’t drive distracted people !!)  Getting back to that sun, it will affect your commute.  You will get full radiation in the eye ball for a few seconds.  Especially since it’s so low in the sky.  Pray for a cloudy day, otherwise get a permanent orange glow in your retinas.

Now, to work.  3 I do have a great place to work.  The dress code is lax and I can bring my kids into my office for a portion of the day. Yesterday I did pick up my daughter after school and had her hang out. I’m sure it was quite boring as she slept most of the time. No one needs to watch and listen to me type away on a keyboard.  This particular day, I did start having some sickness issues.  Sinuses moving around giving me a headache.  General cruddiness feeling.  Had to use some OTC NSAIDs to keep myself productive.  Of course, the word productive here is relative.

On the commute home, that life-giving star we call a sun is in my face for 2nd time in the same day.  Why?  1st-world problems.  More listening to podcasts. 4 I like to listen to Dungeon and Dragons sessions as it takes imagination to see what’s going on anyway.  But that commute is so boring, I struggle to keep myself alert.  Always a struggle.  Back in the day (when I was a teenager), I’d use cigarettes to keep me awake.  Now that most recreational drugs, like nicotine and alcohol, give me headaches, I resort to yelling, or talking to myself very loudly.  I wonder what other people looking at me during those times are thinking.

Once home, it’s time to get the evening meal planned and made.  Others in my household are extremely picky about what they like to eat, so every day, the plan for the meal is decided at the time of preparation.  The kids played outside while I removed a dead battery from one of my vehicles 5.  Once the meal type was decided (pot pies for some and whatever else we have lying around for others), it was made and consumed.  Not the greatest pot pies.  6 I probably should have used some hot sauce.  We also watched a movie while eating.  We watched Jumanji, the 2017 version with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin HartKaren Gillan, and Jack Black.  Quite the entertaining movie and an expected, modernizing twist on the original Robin Williams movie 7.  I did miss some of it taking the dogs outside, making dinner, and actually eating.

Once the kids were settling to sleep, I attempted to watch a live D&D show called Critical Role on the Geek and Sundry Twitch channel.  Very entertaining folks that allow for a good amount of imagination.  Unfortunately, I fell asleep while watching/listening and woke myself up in the middle of the broadcast.  I just turned it off and went to sleep.

Well, that’s it.  I really wonder if these daily things are gonna produce anything of value.  Or is it just a time passer for me?  Probably neither.  This will probably be the last one.  Or maybe I’ll make more that say, “Same sh!t as yesterday.”  Nah … I’ll be lazy and not even do that.  Although, I did get some ideas in the footnotes for other entries.  Maybe that’ll be good material.

1 How alarm clocks affect your sleep
2 Book/Podcast reviews
3 What I do for work
4 D&D creativity
5 Repairs and their affect on the psyche
6 Adventures in hot sauce
7 Movie reviews

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