Time … what is it good for?

So, what do I talk about?  There’s no shortage of topics in the world today.  US politics, North Korean nuclear war, natural disasters around the world.  Maybe something more local?  Health care.  Nah … more local.  Local to me and my immediate family.  High school football?  Video games or movies?  My bills/money problems?  Kids activities?  All seem like good topics.  None of which I have time for.  Ah … there’s a topic … time.  Limited amounts of it and how we spend it.

There’s a good TED talk about time management.  In it, the presenter mentioned the phrase, “I don’t have time” and what that actually means.  Her example is, you work and do things with your family all jammed in a schedule that leaves you time for nothing else.  In fact, you tell people that you don’t have time for certain things that they request of you.  But then you have a water heater burst in your home.  You call a plumber and meet him/her at your home in order for them to fix the heater.  The call and meeting of the plumber takes some hours.  Well … you just had hours of time appear from the ether.  Where did that time come from?  What suffered?  In the talk, the presenter says that “I don’t have the time” really means “That is not a priority.”  Because that’s what it actually is.  The plumber you made time for to get something fixed was a higher priority.  Maybe by using the words “That is not a priority,” we can really stay focused on those things that are a priority as opposed to just free-balling the phrase, “I don’t have time.”

That kind of hits home.  I don’t have time because I do the things that I see as a priority at the time.  Making meals, driving to a sporting event for the kids, going to work, going to school meetings, going to doctors appointments, laundry, etc.  There are just a lots of each of those items and not much room for entertaining things that I would like to do.  Sometimes I wonder if I should prioritize other things, but then other things would suffer.  Most things I prioritize currently can’t suffer without some real consequences.  But the fact remains, prioritize what matters most and put those in schedule first.  Make sure to add something enjoyable.  This, I rarely do.  Look at this blog … nothing for over a year !!  I guess I finally prioritized it.

If there is anyone out there, how do you prioritize your time?  If no one, I’ll just talk to myself … it’s fine.


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