Orc Slayer … Fulfilled

It’s been, what …. about a year since I made that longing post for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and I’m happy to say that I’ve experienced what it’s like to decapitate and wreck each orc I come across.  And it was/is glorious.

Let’s backup a bit to how this came to be.  In my last post, I mentioned that the largest hurdle to overcome what the lack of a next-generation console (at the time a Xbox One or PS4).  Recently, the prices of these have been falling due the shear amount of time passing and technology evolving as it always does.  But the price never dropped to a satisfactory level. One day, I noticed an online contest on a website that I frequented for a new Xbox One.  No frills.  No extra controller.  Although it did come with an online code for Halo.  Well, it didn’t cost me anything other than time to enter … which was minimal.  And sure enough, I got an email about a month later from that website saying, “Hey !!! You won !!”  As I am an perpetual skeptic to all things that would seem to benefit me (especially in email form), I thought this to be a rouse.  I sent an email to website asking if that particular email was legitimate and the responded with a yes !!  In a week, I was the proud owner of a new Xbox One that I did not pay a single cent for.  It’s also fun to note that I did purchase Shadow of Mordor before the Xbox arrived, although I did have tracking information about the shipment.

So I jumped right in and started cutting off heads and slicing throats of orcs with the fervor of a blood thirsty pirate (or ranger in this case).  With all my video-watching on the game and lusting over it, I took to the task with ease.  There was very little any orc captain or war-chief could do to prevent my reign of terror.  Within a couple of days, I had successfully completed the main story-line of the game and felt the overwhelming rush of a job well done.  And since I had purchased the Game of the Year Edition, I immediately dove into the DLC content in order to exert my dominance in those stories.  The satisfaction felt is akin to finally relaxing after an exhausting day of work or drinking a glass of your favorite beverage after feeling parched.  The sense of completeness after a long time of wondering what it would be like was tranquil.

This happened a while ago, but even to this day, I turn on the console and run around Mordor, dispensing justice against perverted versions of Elves and Humans.  But now I can move on to other things and maybe experience a similar rush of anticipation with some other task/game/obsession.  Hopefully it will be soon.  Hmmm …. there is Pokemon Go ?!?


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